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Dernière mise à jour : 6 mai 2021

—• Voice tips #1 •—

Your voice is unique ! 🗣🎶

What place do you give to your voice in your life? Is it part of your path?

I love this simple thought that each human body looks kind of the same, except for a million details that makes it unique and recognizable. Logically, it works the same for the voice.

This is the core principle to approach a voice. It makes us listen differently.

Having someone singing for you becomes a true gift, as you receive something unique.

Each voice has it's own personality, timber, richness and beauty that can reveals itself.

Getting closer to your voice means always too to get closer to yourself.

Find some inspiration here : @theartfulathlete

—• Voice tips #2 •—

🕺 Our pace is the right one!

🤯 When things are getting a bit crazy and that our brain overheats, we need to remind ourselves that anxiety, fear, anger will not help us to integrate, process or learn. 😱

🗣🎶When our voice is our base work material, it's even more true, as it is directly linked with our emotions, our energy, our availability level.

📚 Especially when we have a huge amount of work, when we feel that we must be focused and optimize our time, what we can do is linking with what is our pace of integration, "the right tempo" of work. 🤠👍

😃 It can feel like an investment of time and attention but what is awesome is how our voice, body and brain returns the favor.

🥳🥳 THIS is true magic feeling. Learning feel a 100 times easier and fluid. We feel close to ourself, we start to truly enjoy again the exercise of work!

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ OUR pace is the right one! 😃

🤓 It can be a matter of methodology, of time approach, of leaving time for breaks!!! (Yes, for God sake!!😅⏸). Everyone has it's own pace!

💝Finding our own is one of the top gifts to make ourself ! 🎁

Check the #pomodoromethod for some inspiration.

It has been brought to me by @helene_schweitzer, my beloved friend and #lifecoach

—• Voice tips #3 •—

👩‍🎨 Esthetic and muscles

🔵 Esthetic finds its way through trained muscles 🔴 or how we can nourish a real trust towards your body!

Our muscles share an interesting element with the brain : memory! 🧠

How can it be used?

👩‍🎨 A painter studies his subjects, works on the gesture before attacking the masterpiece. A time of work which is free of pressure and incredibly creative, in the intimacy of the Atelier! 🎨

@artgali ❤💛💚💙💜


🤔I often heard or been asked by my students about it. To my opinions, this is one of the key elements that can lead us to a healthy and benevolent relationship with our voice and body.🤗

🎼If you learn music fast too, you may have already had this feeling of shift between your brain and your body's ability to follow.

Indeed yes, muscles memory is most of the time slower to settle but it really worths the patience, as it is as well much more lasting. ♾ So if we choose to take the time to show our muscles the path we need and being only focused on this task, the return on investment is really interesting.

We genuinely can TRUST our body, let him do his job. 🕊

When we offer the little more time to our muscles, they'll give it back to us. This is thrilling! 🤩

We don't have to "do all the work" over and over. Let our body work for us!

🗣🎶After all, what is the warm up really useful for? Is it that obvious? How do we use this moment?

How intimate does it feel?

It's a path to enjoy this time of work on our inner mechanic, taking care of ourself, work in peace!

❓What is your experience and feelings about it?

🤗 On my side, I'm enjoying very much to share those stuff with you and am glad if it makes sense for you! ❤

—• #VoiceTips#4 •—

Let's talk about methodology!

Voice, repertoire, scheduling, integration, what are you interested in?

My first big contemporary music contract was a revelation to me on that level. It was a piece from Boulez and I had no idea how to approach it.

I slowly found my pace of learning and it made me incredibly creative on the methodological level. I found so many ways to get ready those wonderful but also very hard pages of music. It has been a really fascinating path!

I loved it!

I love those experiences that bring us to a creative place of our being, revealing some resources we didn't even think or imagine to have.

As vocal coaches, it's a very interesting point of view to watch and explore. How can we help our student to find that path with their own resources?

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