Mdlg - Daniel

"A very beautiful success"

"The singers were all excellent"

"This music was intensely jubilant when it was necessary, sometimes dramatic, tender elsewhere and meditative often."

Olyrix - Nicolas Mathieu


The audience is witnessing a moving duet between the soprano Hélène Walter, whose grace on stage responds to a clear timbre voice, and the bass James Brian Platt.The drama that is happening in the air can be perceived by the ears and the eyes, the two voices intermingling and the two faces expressing a deep solemnity.

La Terrasse - Antoine Pequeur

Trevor Pinnock and Marc Minkowski

A few days apart, the two chiefs conduct Bach's Christmas Oratorio

Two beautiful vocal castings to make this vast musical fresco vibrate.

La Montagne Auvergne -

The Poème de l'amour et de la mer from Ernest Chausson and the song cycle Shéhérazade from Maurice Ravel allow Hélène Walter, laureate for the international singing competition in Clermont-Ferrand (2015), to express her talent and her warm expressiveness.

Le Dauphiné Libéré - Marie Colombel

Today, there is a feeling “madeleine de Proust” when you listen those pieces and Hélène Walter's marvelous voice, lyric singer which gives goose bumps.

Magnétique. Espace 2 (RTS) - Anne Gillot

Overview of Hélène Walter and her professional singer activity on Espace 2 (Radio Télévision Suisse) with the radio-program Magnétique presenter Anne Gillot.

Braodcasted live interview in French >

... Hélène Walter’s Barberina, with an exquisite musicality for the conclusion of an aria always too short.

La Montagne Auvergne -

A goddess with a crystal voice
Yesterday night’s concert at Clermont-Ferrand Opera House : a performance of perfect symbiosis and harmonie between the soprano Hélène Walter and the Orchestre d’Auvergne.
 [...] then, the lights came on as Hélène Walter appeares, dressed in a golden dress, like a goddess coming down from the Olympus. An illumination came from her voice that came out with an incredible lightness. The soprano singer and the orchestra were in perfect harmony as they played a piece from Oscar Bianchi, inter alia.

Opéra Magazine - Thierry Guyenne

Finally, for Oscar Bianchi’s lyric scene Here, the French soprano Hélène Walter has clearly imposed herself with her technical sureness, her impressive and perfect pitch. Furthermore, she had performed for the semi-final round the redoubtable Pli selon Pli from Pierre Boulez, which naturally qualified her to perform the concert in Clermont-Ferrand Opera House on the 13th of November 2015 for the Musiques Démesurées Festival.

Forum Opera - Roland Duclos

Revelations at the 24th singing competition in Clermont

Further discoveries, last but not least with the final award. On the one hand, Here, a lyric piece from Oscar Bianchi, which will be premiered at the "Musiques Démesurées" Festival in Clermont on November 13rd, 2015, and on the other hand the more than promising French soprano Hélène Walter, 25 years old, who will interpret the piece after having delivered on Saturday a remarkable reading full of intelliegence and emotion.

Concours de Clermont-Ferrand - Geneviève Thivot

For Here from Oscar Bianchi, commissioned by the Centre lyrique with the support of the Clermont community and Drac Auvergne, which will be premiered during the festival Musiques démesurées in Clermont on the 13rd of November, the role was distributed to the French soprano Hélène Walter. "She had a perfect pitch and accuracy. Her voice is made for the contemporary repertoire, despite it being very hard to sing, interprete and memorise!

Forum Opera - Yvan Beauvard

Hélène Walter gets the Audience vote with Pamina aria « Ach, ich fühl’s » and Norina aria from Donizetti Don Pasquale.

Mâcon infos - Cristian Todea

The audience of 900 chose the soprano Hélène Walter, shining by her brilliant stage presence.

Gazeta online - Leandro Reis

... Although they were playing together for the first time, the musicians - Hélène Walter and Thymos Quartet - form a single body of sound, hardly separable from oneanother. "Unity characterized the performance of the group, with a unique sound of high artistic quality...

Nuances n°45 - Antonin Scherrer

The Auliden Ensemble, one of the three favorites from the "Masters sur les ondes" 2014 edition :  « Wednesday February 19th : the remarkable pieces chosen from the Bach cantatas for soprano and oboe - proposed by the very professional Auliden Ensemble (comprising of Hélène Walter, Gaëtan Beauchet, Guillaume Bouillon et Nenad Djukic) were a double bliss...

ResMusica - Michèle Tosi

Michael Cutting, with Artificial White, a welcomed challenge for Hélène Walter’s voice, in a well conducted interpretation and superbly toned.

In Le café, by South Korean Eunho Chang, the two sopranos Angèle Chemin and Hélène Walter, diverting and sparkling, played the female roles in a little theater of sounds and words elaborated with a great virtuosity by the composer.

Classique d'aujourd'hui - Antonin Scherrer

... But the most unexpected surprise remains the piece composed by Polish-Korean Eunho Chang (born in 1983). Full of humor and originality, Le Café written for two sopranos we would like to salute the great performance of the two singers, Angèle Chemin et Hélène Walter competes with Gioacchino Rossini’s Cats Duet, stages the conversation of two women over a coffee at the end of a shopping day during which they purchased Vuitton leather goods and who discover that they are both in love with the same man, named Riccardo… Soprani wishing to widen their duet repertoire should definitely look into this piece that lasts about ten minutes…

ResMusica - Michèle Tosi

... La plus belle des soies choisies se fane et dépérit by Xavier Dayer brought soprano Hélène Walter and violonist Julien Lapeyre to the front stage. The title comes from the libretto by Alain Perroux, based on which the composer built his chamber opera Les contes de la lune vague après la pluie, comissioned by Royaumont and that will soon be premiered. Xavier Dayer adds here a solo violin, which seems to comment, even mirror the soprano’s voice, in an absorbing ensemble full of dramatic tension skillfully developed by the two very involved soloists.